Our fully interactive touchscreen totems will take your sales team to the next level.

How it works

We install a fully interactive digital touch screen in your sales office which showcases your full holiday home portfolio. Potential customers can view videos, pictures, walkthroughs, price and information on all available homes along with park site maps and promotional material. 

Your customers journey
Step 1

The touch screen will show potential customers all available holiday homes for sale in real time. They then simply click the picture of the home they would like more information on and will enter into the full presentation page of that home

Once in the presentation page the customer will see a full property description, price, gallery photos, videos, a map of where the home is located on site and a sales information capture form which is sent to an email of your choice.

Step 2
Step 3

The sales agent then simply contacts the customer and arranges a live viewing of the holiday home to complete the sale.

  • 6ft free standing totem with a 43inch touch screen display

  • System only requires power and internet connection

  • Full property portfolio displayed live

  • Promotional video capability - Easily updated

  • Lead capture function sent directly to your sales team

  • Full backend access so changes can be made quickly onsite

  • Maintenance and installation included.

Your back office

Fully Customisable

Your sales screen will be fully designed to your specification including logo, font ,pantone-colours, sitemap and promotional video. The software feeds directly from your live property portfolio so no need to update available properties once a home is sold. 

Back End Access

Your system comes with easy to use full backend access which allows you to change design features such as seasonal promotion videos, pictures, colours and logos. Full training will be provided.


Slick, Smart and Sophisticated


• Fully Interactive

• User Friendly

• Eye Catching Display

• Increases sales 

• Lead Generation Tool


•Automatically Updates

•Ongoing Support

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